Traction of ordinary 4WD or 6WD vehicles is limited on muddy, wet or soft terrain due to high ground pressure. This makes the job of many professionals in agriculture, greenhouse building, well-point drainage often very difficult.

These standard trucks often have problems to conquer steep grades for lack of grip. Because of the relatively large turning circle it is not easy to manoeuvre these trucks precisely and in a controlled manner.

Gouda Tracks are an innovative alternative for traditional 4x4 of 6x6 trucks. Gouda Tracks can be mounted on practically all standard trucks and convert such a standard truck into a full terrain vehicle.

A truck equipped with Gouda Tracks can achieve motorway speeds of normal trucks and cars, but features also the high-traction all-terrain capabilities of tracked vehicles. It can be moved precisely and accurately when the crawler substructure is fully lowered by means of the wireless remote control unit (included).

As a tracked vehicle, a truck equipped with Gouda Tracks possesses the true advantages of superior traction teamed with low ground pressure; a combination that can’t be matched by wheels alone.
Low Ground Pressure
The Gouda Tracks stand for low footprint guaranteeing minimal terrain disturbance and low soil compaction. This gives great advantage in increasing the vehicle's over-sand and over-soft ground capabilities since the ground pressure is minimised by the even load distribution over the tracks. With the lower and evenly spread pressure on the ground you can drive on most inhospitable terrains allowing extended access to project sites.

Superior Traction
The triple grouser steel track shoes provide maximum gripping power to conquer steep grades. It is for this reason that the vehicle will show less tendency to loose grip; this enhances the capabilities of the vehicle enormously.

Precise Manoeuvring
Gouda Tracks come complete with a wireless remote control enabling you to manoeuvre the truck precisely at a very low controllable speed. Ideal for safe manoeuvring on tight job sites, inclines, soft terrains and other potentially dangerous sites. Under all circumstances you will keep full view on the situation and full control of the vehicle.
Overall length of the tracks : 310 cm (122 inch)
Overall width of the tracks : 250 cm (98.5 inch)
Track height : 71 cm (28 inch)
Weight of the tracks : 4,400 kg (9,700 lb)
Track shoe width : 65 cm (25.6 inch)
Ground clearance with fully retracted tracks : 20 cm (8 inch)
Driving speed 1 – high torque, precise manoeuvring : 0 to 1.5 km/hr (0 to 0.93 MPH)
Driving speed 2 – lower torque, higher speed : 0 to 3 km/hr (0 to 1.86 MPH)
Loading capacity of track substructure : 28 T (62,000 lb)
Hydraulic valves : Proportional
Locking system : Hydraulic
Remote control : Wireless, 5 functionalities
Truck requirements : Wheelbase at least 5.60 m (220 inch)
Capacity front axle 9 T (19,000 lb)

In order to reduce damages to the pavement as much as possible during manoeuvring or whilst driving through the field, the steel track shoes can be provided at extra costs with polyurethane protection pads.
Gouda Tracks are an accessory, that can be mounted on any truck with sufficient wheelbase. The Gouda Tracks come as standard with above mentioned characteristics.

We do realise that one size does not fit all. It is therefore possible to have the Gouda Tracks tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our design team can work with you to provide a vehicle that will exactly meet your needs. 

Have the Gouda Tracks mounted on your truck in our workshop in The Netherlands or by your local chassis builder. We provide detailed mounting instructions and, if required, we can provide detailed engineering and hands-on on-site technical assistance by an experienced engineer. This guarantees a safe and reliable end-result.
If you require more detailed information on the Gouda Tracks or if you wish to receive a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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